5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

I would like to preface this by saying that I do not condone losing weight quickly as a healthy or sustainable goal. I do recognize, however, that we will have events in life where we may gain a bit of a confidence by shedding a few extra pounds. I do not condone fad diets and I firmly believe that the only way to sustain weight loss long term and in a healthy manner is with a properly balanced diet and exercise. When you do have that dress or suit that you want to squeeze into for an upcoming event, here are a few tips:

1. Water. Water. And more water. While I will admit that this sounds counterintuitive, drinking water will help shed water weight by flushing excess sodium that causes bloat.

Skip the sugary and bubbly drinks that are sure to cause bloating. If you want something with a bit more flavor, opt for black coffee or unsweetened tea. You can also flavor your water by adding fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice and a handful of berries of your choice.

2. Identify food allergies and sensitivities. This step is essential for both short-term and long-term weight loss goals. When you have food testing completed, you are likely to learn of more food allergies than you could have imagined. While you likely will not want to remove these foods from your diet completely, it will help you determine which foods to steer clear of when you want to slip into a form fitting outfit and avoid bloat. While you may believe that you are eating “clean,” a food sensitivity could be a likely reason that you are still experiencing bloat.

3. Stop trying to lose weight fast. I know. I know. That is the whole reason you are reading this article. The hard truth of the mater is that you are going to stress yourself out if you put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight fast. Stress is the enemy of progress in most facets of life, especially weight loss. If you are holding extra weight, particularly in your stomach, stress could be the likely cause. A body in unrest will not digest. Before each meal, take 5 minutes to practice deep breathing to prepare your body for proper digestion.

4. 20-minute meals. The second enemy of digestion is the speed at which most Americans consume their food. Have you ever noticed that people who eat slowly are often relatively thin and healthy in appearance? Digestion begins in your mouth while your saliva is breaking down your food. You can do your body a lot of favors by taking the time to chew your food and allow your saliva the chance to do its job. Count how many times you chew your food before swallowing. If it is less than 10, you are certainly not alone and you certainly have some work to do. Turn it into a game. Try to be the last one done at the table, and I promise you will see results. You will also give your body the time to realize that you are full before you have overly stuffed yourself.

5. Fast. It’s all about digestion here folks. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of this. I’m just going to tell you that it works. If I have an event coming up and I want to look and feel my best, fasting is my biggest ally. I want to be clear that I do not diet. I simply alter the window that I allow myself to eat. I do not eat less in a day. I just eat for less hours in the day. That is the magic of this approach. You do not have to change what you eat (unless you have an unhealthy diet to begin with), you just have to change when you eat. I shoot for consuming all my food in an 8–10 hour window, followed by a 14–16 hour fasting period. I allow myself unsweetened tea or black coffee during the fasting window and I also drink plenty of water.

These tips are easy to follow, do not require hours spent in a gym and do not require a significant amount of time spent on food preparation. Be consistent with these tips and you will start to notice that you are feeling less bloated in as little as a week!



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